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I spent too many years

never knowing if I was good enough 


Too many years...

  • Believing executive-level roles were unreachable for me
  • With limited access to successful role models
  • Lacking confidence that my amazing performance translated to skills deeply needed in the C-suite
  • Over-reliant on others to 'choose' me to advance
  • Thinking..."If I just do more, work more, take stretch projects, it will be enough."


Stacy podcasting with microphone about women leaders

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Society has socialized women to believe they must ask for permission.


We are told (or covertly shown) that we have to play the masculine game in order to get to the top.

That we must hide our emotions.

That we have to meet 100% of the 'criteria' in order to be worthy.


And we still don't get selected.

And we still make less money on the way up.

Get ready for the c-suite with stacy brookman

Hi, I'm Stacy Brookman

Your new Resilience & Performance Coach

NOW is the time for more women to believe it's possible to achieve the highest executive jobs.

On their own terms.

Making their own decisions.

Confidently leading their team, and themselves.


Now, I'm right beside my clients, helping them eliminate imposter syndrome, advocate for themselves, and confidently command their seat at the table.

My unique process guides you through


3 steps to speed your trip to the C-suite


Here's how it works:

1. Schedule a call with me to begin the process of identifying your superpowers 

2. We'll map out your customized strategic path to the C-suite 

3. Arrive at the top and confidently command your seat at the table

It's time to stop second guessing your value and start showing up as the impactful leader you were meant to be 

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