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Enough playing small. No more self-doubt.

Navigate leadership + life with confidence and resilience!

You've already proven your determination by becoming a leader.

Now, it's time to tackle that invisible hurdle that blocks us.

You deserve to lead without fear. Lead with genuine confidence.

It's possible!  Get your free guide...

I want to slay imposter syndrome!

In the realm of leadership, our unvoiced struggles become our greatest teachers.


The boardroom silence that follows your statement

The gut-wrenching self-doubt as you make vital decisions

The muffled 'sorry' that seems to slip out more often than necessary

Heck...No one gave us a handbook on leading with confidence!


You need confidence to...

Speak Up for Yourself

Hold Resilient Boundaries

Master Your Seat at the Table

And let's face it,

'Fake it 'til you make it'

doesn’t work!


Is that truly the leadership journey you signed up for anyway?

Leadership shouldn't be a masquerade. It should be a reflection of your authentic self.

Many in the coaching industry promise a quick fix, a miracle solution that will take you to the top without breaking a sweat. But you and I both know - there's more to it. Leadership is a journey, not a magic trick.

We can't simply 'fake' resilience or confidence - we must build them, brick by brick, experience by experience.

Yes, I'm ready to build confidence and resilience!

Here's a sobering fact:


The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.


If you're spending a third of your life in survival mode, chasing after an elusive façade of confidence, you're not truly living.

You're simply ticking boxes, fulfilling roles, playing a part.

If your idea of confidence involves an apology for every decision or a constant fear of being found out - it's time to rethink.


True confidence isn't about faking it, it's about owning it.

  • Every decision
  • Every step
  • Every triumph
  • Every stumble

They're all part of your unique leadership journey.


No more survival mode. It's time for:

  • Remarkable Resilience
  • Unshakeable Confidence
  • Genuine Leadership

Let's start rewriting your story today!

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As your performance and resilience coach, I understand your struggles because I've been there.


I've experienced imposter syndrome firsthand and, with my extensive leadership coaching experience, I tailor my approach to meet your individual needs.

Together, we'll navigate the challenges of:

  • Imposter syndrome
  • People-pleasing
  • Perfectionism
  • Overwork
  • Any uncertainty you'd love to be confident in

I don't believe in generic solutions.

Instead, together we'll create a roadmap specifically designed to address your unique goals and challenges.

You can toss your coping mechanisms because I’ll empower you to hold yourself accountable and coach yourself through any situation.

My aim is to help you build lasting confidence and resilience.

It's time to step into comfortable, confident leadership.

Allow me to guide your transformation.

Yes, I'm ready to transform!

Embark on a transformative leadership journey and develop...

‚úĒÔłŹ Genuine Confidence - Uncover the powerful leader within and command your seat at the table with newfound, comfortable confidence. Break free from self-doubt, hold your ground, and inspire those around you with your leadership presence.


‚úĒÔłŹ Resilient Leadership - Learn to navigate challenging situations and bounce back from setbacks stronger than ever. Your resilience is your secret weapon in the volatile world of leadership, enabling you to face adversity head-on and come out victorious.


‚úĒÔłŹ Self-Coaching Mastery - Empower yourself with the tools and mindset to become your own coach. Develop a deep understanding of your challenges, hold yourself accountable, and continue your growth journey beyond our coaching sessions.

Client Transformations

"If you are considering coaching with Stacy, DO IT! She is great!"

"My goal in working with Stacy was to work on more effective and persuasive communication tactics in dealing with a burned out, unhappy manager at our company. After working with Stacy, I was able to help the employee to be more accountable for herself and her team. Our communications are also much improved."

Alicia C., VP/Controller

"I highly recommend her Resilience Coaching services, and look forward to seeing how much more we can accomplish."

"I've known Stacy for a few years and she is the real deal. I'm so glad for the opportunity to work with her, and can't recommend her highly enough. She has the work experience in the real world, as well as the coaching experience necessary to help us move the needle on our professional goals."

Kathryn M., Founder

"I highly recommend Stacy if you are looking to unleash your potential for leadership and career growth."

"Leadership development is so important, and I’ve invested a lot of time with books, formal classes/programs and coaching. Stacy is one of the best. She is great at really identifying the key areas of focus for growth and insight to improve my effectiveness as a leader."

Kimberly R., Experienced Healthcare Leader

Explore how coaching can help you too!

You're 3 steps away from transforming your leadership confidence

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Engage & Assess

The journey begins with understanding. Engage with me to explore your unique challenges, and your leadership style. I'll assess your individual needs, identify areas for growth, and we'll establish a clear picture of your leadership aspirations.

2. Personalize & Empower

Next, we'll design a tailored, outcome-focused coaching strategy that matches your needs and goals. I'll guide you through practical strategies, rooted in empathy and understanding to build your confidence and resilience.

3. Implement & Transform

Fast forward to the end of your coaching program, and you're no longer the leader you once were.

You're a leader who confidently navigates challenges, holds herself accountable, and coaches herself through any situation.

My coaching goes beyond our sessions together, sparking a transformation that redefines your leadership and echoes in every facet of your life.

This is your path to comfortably confident leadership.
Start your transformation today.
I want to Explore Coaching!

Meet Stacy Brookman:

Your Guide on the Path to Confident Leadership

Leadership is an adventure, a winding path filled with challenges and triumphs. And like any journey, having a guide who's walked the path before you can make all the difference. That's where Stacy comes in.

With over 35 years navigating the corporate labyrinth, she understands the unique hurdles you're facing. She's experienced the self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the "fake it 'til you make it" mindset. She's also found a way to overcome them, to assert herself, and claim her seat at the table with authentic confidence.

Stacy's true passion lies in helping women leaders like you banish self-doubt, overcome imposter syndrome, and command their rightful seat at the table. She doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach but understands that every woman's leadership journey is unique.

She's worked with everyone from CEOs to budding leaders, guiding them to conquer their fears and lead with authenticity and grace.

Your journey from self-doubt to self-assured leadership doesn't have to be a solo trek. With Stacy by your side, you'll have a companion who's walked the path, who understands the journey, and who's committed to seeing you succeed.

It's time to make the transition from doubt to confidence, from imposter to leader, from surviving to thriving.

Are you ready?

Because Stacy is here and ready to guide your transformation.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Let's Make Your Leadership Journey Clear:

Not sure where to start?

It's okay to feel overwhelmed, leadership isn't easy. Begin with the free 'Imposter Syndrome Slayer'. This guide offers you ten must-have skills to quiet your inner critic and kick-start your journey to confident leadership.

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Curious about coaching?

Great! Let's explore together how coaching can transform your leadership style. Book a free 'Explore Coaching' call to understand if this is the right path for you.

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Ready to dive in?

Excellent! If you're certain that coaching is what you need, let's not waste a moment. Sign up for Confident Leadership Coaching and let's start your transformation today.

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Don't forget to download the Free Guide:

The Imposter Syndrome Slayer

Just for you...

10 skills to banish imposter syndrome and embrace the remarkable resilience that's been inside you all along.