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For women who want to BE confident,
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Unleash Your Inner Leader,

Not Your Inner Critic


Find your voice, claim your space, lead with grace...

(so you can excel in your role without losing yourself)

Ready to Ignite My Unique Confidence!

Is Your Leadership Journey Feeling More Like a Himalayan Trek (without the sherpa)?

You're running hard, but going nowhere fast.

zig zag stairway
You've spent hours in leadership seminars, learning more about KPIs and team dynamics than you ever wanted to know.  

All you really want is to lead with confidence and authenticity.

But here you are, second guessing every decision.

  • Am I too soft?

  • Does my team respect me?

  • Should I have zigged instead of zagged?

  • Am I even cut out for this? 

You're tired of the constant mental gymnastics.

Gaining the confidence to lead without second-guessing yourself? It feels like an unreachable dream.

You've got enough on your plate. If 'become a confident leader' feels like another team-building exercise that fizzles out after a week, you're tempted to just delete that calendar invite.

Imagine Leading with Unshakable Confidence and Balance

It's closer than you think!

You've spent countless hours in leadership training.

But what you really want is to walk into a room and own it—no second-guessing, no imposter syndrome.

You want to be the kind of leader who inspires loyalty, not just compliance.

You're eager to cultivate the confident, true-to-self leader you have the potential to be.

Imagine making decisions with clarity, not clouded by worry or self-doubt...or what others think.

Imagine leading a team that not only respects you but is inspired by you to hit their goals.

Imagine waking up excited, finally in alignment with your true, confident leadership style

Imagine that these gems cannot be not squashed the moment you walk into work, no matter the circumstances.

You know deep down that this isn't just a pipe dream. It's what you're meant for.

And let's be real, you don't have the energy for endless self-doubt and stress.

You're ready to step into your power and lead with confidence, so you can end your workday feeling accomplished rather than replaying conversations and doubting your decisions.

Help Me Crack the Confidence Code!

Imposter Syndrome Isn't Just Your Little Secret—

It's a Silent Burnout Culprit for Many


Hold onto your seat: A staggering 90% of female employees suffer from Imposter Syndrome.

But here's the kicker—it's not just messing with your head; it fuels burnout.

When you're constantly doubting your abilities, you overcompensate by overworking, leading to a vicious cycle of stress and exhaustion.

And to be clear, this isn't just your personal battle; it's a silent epidemic affecting leaders everywhere.

(A KPMG study showed that eighty-one percent of executive women believe they put more pressure on themselves not to fail than men do.)

And the real eye-opener?

You have the power to finally break this cycle, not just for yourself but for everyone who looks up to you. 

Isn't that the powerful ripple effect you want as a leader?

Imagine the impact you could make...not only in your own life, but in the lives of everyone you work leading with genuine confidence.

Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome and Hello to Comfortable Confidence


Sounds like a job for Confident Leadership & Resilience Coaching

This isn't your typical coaching program; it's a 6-month, 1-on-1 transformative journey designed especially for women leaders like you. You're not just a perfect fit for this—you're the reason I created it.

stacy brookman

Stacy Brookman, Leadership & Resilience Coach

Why I'm Here to Help You


I've walked this path myself and have become what I call, comfortably confident. It's that confidence that radiates from the inside out. Not the fake-it-til-you-make-it kind

I've also had the privilege of working with many other women leaders, developing the precise guides that helped them soar.

My desire is to give you a shortcut to where you want to be. No fluff, no filler—just the real, actionable steps to get you there.


Picture Your Path to Confidence Unfolding Like This...

Leading with Genuine Confidence

You get a personalized plan to finally solve what's been holding you back, to make your own decisions with clarity and confidence, to finally know that you're more than just 'good enough,' you're outstanding. 

Self-Coaching Mastery

Our bi-weekly coaching sessions equip you with the mental tools to coach yourself through any challenge. You'll learn to ask yourself a different question so you get better answers, own what is yours, and lead through the things that aren't.

Stress & Life Resilience

 I'll help you build your resilience and stress management skills between our calls through resources, worksheets, and email to support you. Because let's face it, the leader who can keep her cool can rule the world. And yes, that leader can be you.

Yes! I want a confidence path!

You'll walk away with: 

  • A toolbox of permanent executive-level skills that you get to keep forever
  • A newfound sense of confidence and credibility
  • A sustainable plan for managing stress and avoiding burnout

By the way...These same tools work in your personal life as well!

Let's Break it Down...

First Step:

Start with a free Explore Coaching call. We'll dig into your challenges and goals to see if we're a good match. No obligation, just real talk.

Second Step:

Next up, we dive into a 6-month coaching experience that's all about solving problems and leveling up. You're investing in yourself, and the ROI is immeasurable.

Final Step:

You'll start applying those fresh skills and insights from day one, and you won't stop there. You'll keep leveling up your leadership game long after we wrap up. Trust me, your future self is already giving you a standing ovation. 

I want to explore coaching!

A Few Client Transformations

Kim Radcliffe, SVP of Clinical & Product Development at Homelink

I was always seeking approval from other people.

Stacy helped me to move from thinking that I am good enough and have confidence to actually feeling it and believing it. I'm able to use the tools she gave me in many facets of my life, including with my teenage daughter.

This coaching has helped me to be a happier person and an effective leader. Coaching with Stacy will move you beyond the surface level. Now I'm able to speak up for myself and advocate for the right salary too.

Jayme Mahoney, Licensed Clinical Therapist

I wanted to believe in my own capacity to do what I'm here to do. Whether it be a course, workshop, book, or therapeutic intervention, you name it, I've sampled it. I was looking for a different result than I've had before. 

Because of Stacy's coaching, I now know I'm in charge of my thoughts and feelings no matter where, why, or what trauma. And I can step into the arena. The feelings themselves are able to be withstood.

She has given me tangible results that have elevated my career.

Jeanette Stein, CEO at Stein Solutions

I noticed I was bringing home that discontent and frustration from lack of opportunity to move up.

Stacy's coaching helped me to realize that I don't have to play by everyone else's rules.  It allowed me to take control back. Looking outside the box to make things happen has been the most powerful piece.

Now I can feel a lot of contentment every single day. The determination that Stacy has helped me decide to have will ensure I'll be successful. Most importantly, I learned to talk to myself in a way that empowered me to be true to myself.

I want that!

Invest in Your Resilience for a Lifetime of Impact

Why This Coaching Program is the Best Investment You'll Make in Yourself

Are you guilty of simply reading personal development books or watching free webinars and feeling like you're doing 'self-help'?

Here's the reason that won't REALLY get you what you want:

Books and webinars are like the fast food of personal development. Quick, easy, but not the real thing, and not really fulfilling. They won't give you the one-on-one attention you need as you do the work to truly transform.

Plus, let's be honest, how many unread self-help books are already gathering dust on your shelf?


Maybe you've chatted with peers asking for advice, or you've browsed the latest articles in the leadership version of Vogue magazine.

While it's fun to chat and read glossy articles, they're not going to give you the deep, tailored guidance you need. It's like expecting a makeover from a magazine when you really need a personal stylist.


Ah! I know, you've gone down the YouTube rabbit hole, where everyone promises the moon but delivers cheese.

YouTube is a maze of generic suggestions. You put it on 1.5 speed and multitask hoping a great idea jumps off the screen. Time lost is opportunity lost.

The Real Cost

Think about it. The time and monetary resources you'd spend on ineffective or temporary fixes could easily cover the investment in this coaching program. And unlike those surface-level Band-Aids, the benefits of this program last a lifetime.


It's Time to Give Yourself Permission

You've probably kept this problem hidden, thinking it's 'unleadershiplike' to admit you're struggling.

But guess what? It's time to give yourself permission to be human, to seek help, and to invest in something that will actually move the needle in your life—once and for all.

Because the cost of not investing is a lifetime of wondering what could have been, and that's a price too steep to pay.

I Want to Give Myself Permission to Lead Confidently!

Unlock Your Leadership Potential—Limited Spots Available

Leadership isn't a one-size-fits-all journey, and neither is my coaching. That's why I can only take on 5 new clients each quarter.

It's my mission to ensure each woman gets the focused, compassionate, and evidence-backed support she deserves.

Don't miss your chance to transform your leadership journey!

The 'Leadership Clarity' Guarantee:

Your Fast-Track to Unshakable Confidence

Imagine wrapping up our second session and already feeling like a fog has lifted.

If you don't feel clearer and more focused after our first two sessions, we'll have a heart-to-heart to recalibrate our strategy. No fluff, no filler—just actionable steps to get you where you want to be.

I'm committed to bringing you clarity and confidence in your leadership journey.

Hi there, I'm Stacy!

I've spent over 35 years navigating the corporate labyrinth, so I get the unique challenges you're up against.

I created this coaching program precisely to give women leaders like you a shortcut to genuine confidence and resilience.

Why? Because I've seen too many brilliant women held back by self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Ready to command your seat at the table? Let's get started.

Explore Coaching With Stacy

How to Know You're a Perfect Fit for Confident Leadership & Resilience Coaching

You're a woman in a leadership role, and you've had it up to here with imposter syndrome. Seriously, if it were an outfit, you'd have shoved it to the back of your closet by now. You're ready to leave it in the dust and step into any conference room like you belong there.

You've read all the self-help books, attended the webinars, and even tried to meditate away your self-doubt. Spoiler alert: it didn't work. You're ready for a tailored plan that's more effective than chanting 'I am confident' in front of the mirror.

You're not looking for a magic wand—although, let's be honest, that would be nice. You're committed to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work. Because you know that Cinderella's transformation didn't happen with only a pumpkin and some mice; she had a fairy godmother behind her. And now, so do you.

You're over the 'fake it 'til you make it' game. You want to be the real deal, not just a frazzled, overworked, cardboard cutout of a leader. Imagine walking into work, not worrying about who might 'find you out,' but excited to share your ideas and lead your team (and yourself) with comfortable confidence.

If this sounds like you, then we're likely the dynamic duo your leadership journey has been waiting for.

So, are you ready to trade in your glass slippers for some power pumps?

I Want to Schedule My Explore Coaching Call Now

You may be wondering...

You're a leader, whether you've got the title or not. 

You're the go-to person, the problem-solver, the one who makes things happen. But let's be real: you're also the one who's secretly doubting herself, wondering if you're really cut out for this leadership gig. You're craving that unshakeable confidence, the kind that turns heads and commands respect.

Sure, you could try to find that confidence by piecing together advice from YouTube gurus, or by attending one-off webinars that promise quick fixes. But you and I both know those are just band-aids on a wound that needs stitches. They won't give you the deep-rooted growth you're looking for.

That's where I come in. With my tailored coaching program, you're not just getting another self-help book or a series of generic webinars. You're getting a personalized roadmap to leadership and life confidence.

Whether you want....

  • Confidence to speak up in meetings and have your ideas heard
  • Drive to nail that upcoming promotion or pivot your career
  • Resilience to bounce back from setbacks without losing your stride
  • Enough stamina to enjoy your personal life after clocking out
  • Finesse to handle even the most abrasive colleagues with ease
  • Inner assurance that you're more than qualified for your role
  • Courage to embark on a new life chapter or thrilling venture
  • Skills to manage a team that's not just efficient but also happy and motivated
  • Clarity to make decisions without second-guessing yourself
  • Self-assurance to negotiate for the salary or benefits you know you deserve
  • Peace of mind to end your workday without taking stress home with you
  • Ability to set boundaries without feeling guilty or second-guessed

 ......then you're in the right place to transform those aspirations into your reality.


It's about investing in the most important project you have: yourself. This is your pit stop, your refueling station, the most powerful appointment in your calendar.

Don't sit on the fence too long. I only have room for a limited number of clients each quarter, and spots fill up fast.

This is your moment. Are you ready to lead with genuine confidence?

I'm Ready For Genuine Confidence!

I'm not only good at what I coach,
I'm good at how I coach it.

And the results speak for themselves...

"If you are considering coaching with Stacy, DO IT! She is great!"

"My goal in working with Stacy was to work on more effective and persuasive communication tactics in dealing with a burned out, unhappy manager at our company. After working with Stacy, I was able to help the employee to be more accountable for herself and her team. Our communications are also much improved."

Alicia C., VP/Controller

"I highly recommend Stacy if you are looking to unleash your potential for leadership and career growth."

"Leadership development is so important, and I’ve invested a lot of time with books, formal classes/programs and coaching. Stacy is one of the best. She is great at really identifying the key areas of focus for growth and insight to improve my effectiveness as a leader."

Kimberly R., Healthcare Leader

"Stacy is absolutely a problem solver and can change your life in ways you never thought were possible."

"You will gain wisdom that will help you in your situation and any situation to come in the future. I know it can be scary reaching out, let alone to someone you do not know. But if you take a chance, your whole situation and life can change."

Summer M., Award-Winning Illustrator

"I highly recommend Stacy's Resilience Coaching services, and look forward to seeing how much more we can accomplish."

"Stacy is the real deal. I'm so glad for the opportunity to work with her, and can't recommend her highly enough. She has the work experience in the real world, as well as the coaching experience necessary to help us move the needle on our professional goals."

Kathryn M., Founder


Let's do this together!

I want to coach with Stacy!