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11 Ways Mindfulness Cultivates Resilience

And how to apply it to your life!

Things they don't teach you in school:

  • Speaking up for yourself
  • Holding boundaries at work and at home
  • How to rock the boat...with style!

If you want to power up your mental game, stop apologizing all over the place, and feel flat-out confident in being yourself...


You need better than simply survival-mode.

You need Remarkable Resilience.

Stacy Brookman is the only corporate women's coach that incorporates heartwork, mindfulness, and resilience into her programs so you can...

  • Stop giving away your power, and
  • Start using your voice

In an era of chaos and career confusion, Stacy guides you to incorporate calm and speak your truth from the boardroom to the bedroom and beyond.

Women leverage Stacy as a powerful catalyst to gain clarity from their life lessons, lean on their hard-won wisdom, and have power to speak up for themselves.

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Step into your amazing, powerful self...

Your resilient self.

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