Your Goals and Mindfulness Training

I'm trying to finish my mindfulness teaching training this year.

I’ve finished the foundation course and working on the next one which is about leading mindfulness meditations. 

I find that actually doing the mindfulness meditations in the instruction for myself, and taking mindfulness walks in the woods, has calmed my brain significantly.

For now, I'm working on how to integrate mindfulness with my resilience coaching biz. They really go hand-in-hand.

I'm also working on building out my website to reflect mindfulness...I’m liking the colorful theme I’m going for because it’s both irreverent and yet creative at the same time. (who knows, I may change my mind)

What goals are you shooting towards this year? 

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Interested in leveling up your resilience?

If you're struggling to prove you’re worthy of a promotion, (which BTW is ineffective and wastes mental energy), let's work together to leverage your existing power skills and prove your own worthiness. When we do, you'll make a bigger impact on yourself, and your organization. 

I want to level up!

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