How to Believe New Things Using Thought Ladders


I can't be successful in my business  /  I'm always successful in my business
I hate the situation I'm in  /  I love the situation I'm in
I hate who I am  /  I'm worthy of love

If you think the first thought, it seems impossible to think the second thought. Try it.

It's near impossible. The second thought isn't believable to your brain.

But you CAN start to think a new thought that is believable.

I mentioned yesterday how I used my thoughts to be calm in a chaotic situation. Here's the link to the short video:

This is how I did it. Using thought ladders.

Step 1
What is a negative thought you have right now about a situation, yourself, someone else...anything at all. Put that at the bottom of the ladder

Step 2
What is the opposite of that? Or the best thought you can believe about this situation? Put that at the top of the ladder

Step 3
Create in-between thoughts that you can start to ladder up. What's the next thing that is a more neutral thought, but a step up from the bottom rung? In the graphic, we're going from "I can't do anything right" to "I can do SOME things right"

Does that feel true to you? Can you think that thought? Work on that thought to truly believe it before you go to the next step.

I work with women to help them clarify their thoughts, and start to believe new things about themselves. This explodes their resilience...and their results!

I'd love to know one of your bottom and top of ladder thoughts if you care to share.


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