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A tribute that honors every chapter of life's journey


Heartfelt Harmony

Custom Obituaries 


A crafted obituary as unique and remarkable as your loved one




Writing an obituary that truly reflects your loved one's life can feel like just too much. 


In the midst of sorrow, the challenge of distilling their journey into words seems overwhelming.

You worry about time constraints, balancing funeral arrangements, and doing justice to their memory.

It's a heavy burden to carry alone, yet your loved one deserves nothing less than a heartfelt, fitting tribute.

We assist grieving families and funeral services to craft deeply personal and unique obituaries. This eases your burden during challenging times, offering peace of mind and a beautifully written memorial that truly celebrates your loved one's unique life journey.

Life is Unique.

An Obituary Should Be, Too.


Traditional obituary services often focus solely on facts and dates. They may fail to capture the essence of your loved one’s life—their personality, values, passions, quirks, and principles.

These more meaningful details get lost in the shuffle, resulting in a memorial that doesn't truly reflect their unique spirit and legacy.

Hi there, I'm Stacy!

Many people have been faced with this daunting duty, including me.

Tasked with the responsibility of writing my mother-in-law's obituary, I committed to creating a tribute beyond the ordinary. Yes, Heartfelt Harmony was born out of a personal grief.

With a background in creative writing and heartwork journaling, I was determined to create something more profound than a traditional tribute.

I blended my emotional insights and heartfelt writing with AI-powered refinement. 

This collaborative effort resulted in an obituary that didn't merely recount her life, but rather captured the essence of a remarkable woman.

The tribute moved everyone at the service, with the church reader praising it as the most exceptional obituary she'd ever read. The response was overwhelming. People wanted to meet the author, some even requesting their own obituaries be penned by me.

This experience illuminated the potential of my skill to bring solace, and even joy, during mourning.

I saw how uniquely crafted obituaries could transform grief into a cherished narrative, paying true homage to a loved one's spirit and personality.

This prompted me to incorporate Heartfelt Harmony into my Real Life Resilience business, marking a new journey to support those who seek a genuine, heartfelt recognition for their departed loved ones.

If you're curious, you can read Neta Kingsbery's obituary here (my mother-in-law).

Every Life Has a Story.

We Help You Tell it Right.

With Heartfelt Harmony, we turn the overwhelming into the meaningful.
We invest time to understand your loved one's individuality.
Every obituary we craft resonates with their spirit, capturing their passions, milestones, and principles.
Our focus is to honor and celebrate their unique journey in the most dignified, respectful manner.

Why Choose Heartfelt Harmony?

Your loved one’s legacy deserves the very best.

Deep Understanding

We invest our time and emotions into sensing your loved one’s unique journey, creating much more than just an obituary.

Empathetic Craftsmanship

Our writers weave the intricate narrative that truly reflects the individual, with an empathetic and respectful approach.

Comfort and Peace

You can trust us to handle this sensitive part of your mourning process, offering you emotional solace and peace of mind.

Yes, I want to honor my loved one!

We're Here for You,

Every Step of the Way

With Heartfelt Harmony custom obituaries, we're committed to making this process as stress-free as possible. We're here to listen, to guide, and to help you during this difficult time.

We'll work at your pace and accommodate your needs, ensuring every aspect of our service provides a calm experience.

Heartfelt Harmony Promise... 

Honoring the Spirit and Legacy of Your Loved One

A deeply personalized long-format obituary/memorial:

Perfect for providing a comprehensive tribute and overview of your loved one's life, milestones, values, and unique qualities. Ideal for extended family, close friends, or published memorials.

A succinct medium-format obituary/memorial:

Distills the essence of your loved one's life into a shorter narrative, capturing the highlights and their distinct personality. Ideal for local newspapers and online memorial sites.

A concise short-format obituary/memorial:

Perfect for situations requiring brevity, like funeral programs or brief announcements, without sacrificing the personal touch that makes your loved one's tribute special.

Let's get started!

“We all know people who we think are so cool, or interesting, or exciting, but a lot of times those stories vanish if no one is there to tell them.”  

“That’s why obituaries are important — because they preserve those stories and highlight those ordinary people that make the world a better place.”

Poynter article: "Obituaries are important, worth rethinking and reviving" by Kristen Hare

100% Uniqueness Guarantee

We promise that each obituary is crafted uniquely for the individual, honoring their individuality.

We don't use templates or pre-made formats; each piece is a unique work of art, as distinctive as the life it represents.

You may be wondering...

We're here for you whenever you're ready...

Honoring Their Legacy:

Versatile Applications of the Obituary/Memorial

Discover the various paths to celebrate and remember your loved one
through their custom-crafted tribute.
  • Funeral or Memorial Service Reading: An obituary can be read out during a funeral or memorial service as a tribute to the deceased, giving attendees a holistic picture of your loved one's life.
  • Frame and Display: You can frame the obituary and display it in your home as a constant reminder of your loved one's unique life story. 
  • Inclusion in a Memory Book: The obituary can be included in a memory or scrapbook, alongside photos and other mementos, serving as a cherished narrative of your loved one's life journey.
  • Online Memorial Website: An obituary can serve as the heart of an online memorial website, where friends and family can revisit it and also share their own memories and condolences.
  • Social Media Post: Sharing the obituary on social media can help spread the news of your loved one's passing and their unique life story, reaching individuals who may have been touched by their life.
  • Inclusion in Family History or Genealogical Records: As an overview of your loved one's life, an obituary is an excellent resource to add to your family's history records or genealogical research.
  • Inspiration for a Eulogy: The obituary can provide a comprehensive and well-structured base for someone to write or deliver a eulogy.
  • Keepsake for Family and Friends: Printed copies of the obituary can be handed out during the service or sent to those who couldn't attend, providing them with a tangible memory of the deceased.
  • Remembrance during Annual Memorials or Death Anniversaries: Reading the obituary annually on the deceased's death anniversary can be a part of a personal or family tradition of remembrance.
  • Submission to Local or National Newspapers: Traditionally, obituaries are submitted to newspapers. A well-crafted one can touch the hearts of readers and provide a public record of your loved one's life.
  • Time Capsule Addition: An obituary can be included in a family time capsule. Future generations opening it would get a touching snapshot of the person's life and impact.
  • Part of a Quilt or Art Project: Some elements from the obituary can be used in creating a commemorative quilt or an art project, making it a deeply personal and creative tribute.
  • Background for a Video or Slideshow: The obituary can provide narrative content for a memorial video or photo slideshow, adding depth and context to the visual elements.

Dear Friend,

As you find yourself here, at the end of this page, I understand that you're carrying a heavy weight — the weight of loss, grief, and the daunting task of trying to encapsulate the life of a loved one into words.

I want to assure you that it's perfectly okay to seek help during this emotionally challenging time. You're not alone.

It's a journey that I myself have walked. I remember the anxiety, the concern of whether I could truly honor the essence of a life so unique and cherished.

That's when I discovered that there was a way to create an obituary that was as extraordinary and meaningful as the life it was honoring.

And now, it's my life's work to help others navigate this journey with grace, respect, and peace of mind.

This is a moment of tribute, a chance to celebrate a life well-lived, and a time to bring together friends and family in shared memories and affection.

It's about more than just crafting an obituary; it's about creating a lasting, tangible memory of your loved one.

That's the essence of Heartfelt Harmony.

I understand the fears and doubts that may be rushing through your mind right now.

  • Could someone else truly capture the essence of your loved one?
  • How can we articulate a life full of experiences, passions, and quirks into an obituary?
  • Can this process bring some peace and solace amidst your loss?

Let me assure you, I see your concerns, and I understand them.

I know how important this is for you. That's why every story we write is crafted with deep respect, and profound empathy.

Remember, this is a step you don't have to take alone. We're here, ready to walk this path with you, and to help craft a tribute that truly honors the uniqueness of your loved one's life.

All you have to do is take that next step and reach out. Let's honor your loved one together, creating a tribute that not only reflects their life but also provides comfort, solace, and a beacon of love and memories to return to in the times to come.

I'm here for you, whenever you're ready.

With warmth and understanding,


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