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Why You Should Raise Your Adversity Quotient

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I’d like to know, on a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your adversity quotient?

You may not even know what "adversity quotient" is, but humor me...I’m about to tell you.

There are different types of challenges that we experience in life.

1) Those that come at us and we HAVE to endure, and

2) Those we CHOOSE to tackle.

For those that come at us, we don’t have a choice. We simply get through these challenges for the most part. Time... and sometimes family or friends or self-help books...assist us as we inch through these challenges.

These are situations like illnesses, accidents, tough circumstances that are out of our control.

But your Adversity Quotient stems

not from the lemons that life throws at you

Your Adversity Quotient stems from those life challenges that you choose to tackle.


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Raise Your Adversity Quotient

Here’s the thing...whether in business or in life...victorious people know that they have to teach themselves what is possible.

...That you have to take action and fail.

...That you can’t put success and happiness in a causation relationship. You should work towards both in a conscious way.

…That often hard work comes before success…by years.

...That you will fail.


^^^ This was a snippet of a deeper dive in an article on raising your adversity quotient over here. It defines it, provides benefits, tells you how to raise your AQ, and talks about why it's important for leaders to have high AQ...all with relevant examples.  See  you over there!

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Why You Should Raise Your Adversity Quotient

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