Harvard Business Review recommends... "Top management needs to retrain, refresh, and reinvigorate these managers as quickly as possible."


66% of managers and executives suffer from burnout


It's possible your leaders are using traditional solutions which just don’t work for modern problems.


And it could be costing you your #1 resource...effective leaders. 

My unique workshops ensure that your leaders truly experience self-transformation. 

  • 59% of managers and executives feel overworked, an equal number are working longer hours.  
  • 76% of executives and managers are overwhelmed, and 72% feel increased pressure to deliver


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Here’s the truth…The workplace and workforce has changed.

It’s harder to navigate.

Organizations MUST support their leaders with

effective coaching and workshops.

3 Power Skills that Move you to the C-suite Faster

Many leaders waste too much time struggling to prove they’re worthy of a promotion — which is ineffective and drains their mental energy. I help them leverage existing superpowers and enhance worthiness so that they make a bigger impact on themselves and the organization.

Burnout-Free Leadership

Often, top-level executives feel they need to overwork to prove themselves, which isn’t sustainable and ultimately leads to burnout. I help them map their path to success without burnout, so they can lead their teams effectively and be the leader they dreamed of being.

Developing Extreme Ownership Employees

Are your department heads spending too much time solving problems their employees should be solving?  I provide solutions that leaders can employ immediately to produce capable teams that practically lead themselves. This frees them up to be the 

Speaking Your Truth... Without Fear

Imposter syndrome can invade a leadership team as fear overrides the ability to speak truthfully. I help leaders confidently communicate with honesty and compassion so they will authentically be the memorable mentors they were born to be.

Resilience in the Face of Staffing Shortages

Leaders are under a lot of pressure to deliver results amidst staffing shortages, reduced budgets and resource issues. I equip them with tools that provide innovative solutions and empower their team to solve their own problems.

Executive Time Management Mastery

Executives routinely find themselves in frantic defense mode, without enough time for forward-thinking, proactive leadership. In this workshop, they will transform their relationship with time through strategies that allow them to realize their leadership vision faster.

 Other topics available based on the needs of your organization.

Here's What People say about Stacy's Coaching, Speaking and Workshops

Joe B.

Stacy was phenomenal to work with! She is passionate and enthusiastic. She is definitely the type of consultant I enjoy working with.

Isiah K.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Stacy! Her expertise, energy, and collaboration aligned with our mission. I recommend her and would definitely work with her in the future.

Tony M.

"Overall, what I’ve learned - and still will accomplish - is gonna be a game changer for me. This whole team has been stellar."

Janelle L.

"Stacy is a powerhouse. She's just what we needed here. Thanks, Stacy!"

Meet Your Instructor


Stacy Brookman is a leadership strategist and founder of Real Life Resilience, coaching women leaders to gain clarity from their life lessons, lean on their hard-won wisdom, and have power to speak up for themselves.

With over 35 years of experience in large corporations and growing businesses, she knows what it takes to make your voice heard, establish resilient boundaries, and become the valued leader you were meant to be.

Stacy has supported business executives, leaders, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs to incorporate calm into their leadership and speak their truth with self-compassion, guiding them as they tackle the issues of overwhelm, lack of resources, and people-management with grace.

It's time to retrain, refresh, and

reinvigorate your leaders!

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Many women leaders waste time waiting in line to get to the next level.


I work with them to acquire the skills and self-assurance they need so they can confidently command their seat at the table.


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